"Snatching follicles since 2014"

"Snatching follicles since 2014"


If you 1) have hemophilia, 2) are diabetic, 3) have a heart condition, 4) have a pace-maker, 5) high blood pressure, 6) are on blood-thinning medication, or 7) are pregnant, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I highly recommend you see your Primary Care Provider (eg. Nurse Practictioner, Medical Doctor, Physician’s Assistant) before starting Electrolysis treatment with anyone!

Your safety & health is my concern. Compromising your life & health is not worth any amount of hair removal in this world! Period.

How do I prepare for my electrolysis session?

*** BE ON TIME!!! ***

*** BE ON TIME!!! ***

*** BE ON TIME!!! ***

IF POSSIBLE (Not Necessary),



Try to get "Emla" topical cream (or a generic equivalent) prescribed by your medical provider.  Let them know you will be having Electrolysis hair removal.  More so than not, they will prescribe it.  Unfortunately, it's not over-the-counter. 

"Emla" is a topical anesthetic that will help numb the surface area to be treated.  It's a 2.5% lidocaine/2.5% prilocaine combo.  Apply it 20-30 minutes before the treatment session


Have hair growth (3 - 4 days) at least this size " - " or like this " -- " so I can grab each hair with a sterile tweezer.  If your hair is longer than this " ------ ," please consider trimming beforehand to make the session go faster.


If you need Electrolysis on your face & don't want to grow all your hairs out due to public commuting, grow out only specific areas you want treated most & shave the rest. (The fall & winter are good seasons for wearing a scarf to conceal the hairs that are showing).


Bring your own razor.  In that way, after your Electrolysis session, you can shave the rest of the hairs off.


If you aren't allergic & don't have blood-clotting issues, take a pain reliever like Advil, Tylenol, Motrin (I don't supply any oral OTC/Rx medications).  Consult with your primary care provider for optimal dosage.


Drink plenty of water, eat a light snack, & make sure you feel well in general!  Being tired, too energized, stressed-out, etc. can affect your tolerance to the treatment.  The more in a relaxed state you are, the easier the treatment will be for you.

*** Please, please, please BE ON TIME.  It's important to be on time to get the most value from your appointment.  Things happen with traffic & emergencies.  In these cases, it's important to txt/call me to let me know so I can be prepared to balance the flow of clients. ***

*** (If you have to cancel, please do so within 24 hours of scheduling.  If you're late for your appointment, you can still have Electrolysis treatment & ONLY for the amount of time remaining.  As a courtesy, you'll only be charged for the time you have been treated.  However, if you're chronically late 3 times or more, you'll be charged for the full scheduled treatment time.  Chronic cancellations after 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the scheduled treatment). ***

What can I expect on my very first visit?


I'll ask you a series of health related questions & also answer your concerns & questions regarding your hair growth.  After all your questions & concerns are answered to your satisfaction, we'll get started.


I sanitize my hands thoroughly and put on clean non-allergenic nitrile gloves.


A complimentary 5% lidocaine is applied on to the areas to be treated.  Lidocaine is minimally affective, but it's better than nothing. 


A new sterile probe (stainless steel, insulated, gold) is determined for your skin type.  It's opened & placed onto the Electrolysis handle.


I ask you to point out which hairs are your greatest priority to work on (Eg. you want thicker hairs or silver hairs removed first, the hairs on the chin first before working on the neck area, etc.).


Your skin is wiped with a combination of rubbing alcohol (50% alcohol) & witch hazel to remove traces of oil, bacteria, & debris.


As your skin dries, I set the Electrolysis setting & how much time you'll be treated for.  Treatment time doesn't start until the first hair is removed.


I insert a probe into the hair follicle of your skin.  Please note that the probe isn't going through your skin.  It's sliding alongside the hair shaft into the tunnel of the hair follicle.  You'll feel a quick heat sensation from the Electrolysis current.


After your treatment time is complete, I apply witch hazel (natural astringent) on the area to soothe your skin & an ice pack to close the pores.


Payment is exchanged & if you're satisfied with your treatment, we'll schedule your next appointment.  It's important that you keep a routine schedule once a week or every other week to see faster & noticeable results!




For redness & swelling, apply an icepack to the treated area. This constricts the pores so the swelling goes down faster. 

Swelling is the body's natural reaction to injury.  After the hair is tweezed, there is a microscopic tear to the tissue within the lining of the hair follicle.  An increased movement & build-up of fluids & white blood cells fill up the exposed hair follicle.  This causes the skin to expand...aka swelling!

After the first day or two, the treated area may be red,  swollen, and/or slightly numb.  This is normal.  Plenty of rest, staying hydrated, keeping cool, & low-stress, will help speed the healing process.


DON'T rub, scratch, or pick at the treated area. This can lead to acne being formed. 

If it becomes unbearable  & you can't help it and still pick at it, you can try a temporary solution of applying a natural healing antiseptic such as a few drops of tea tree essential oil (diluted with 20-30 drops of witch hazel.  Tea tree has been documented to kill many strains of bacteria, fungi, & viruses. The active ingredient in witch hazel are called "tannins."  This helps to reduce swelling, repair skin, & to fight bacteria.

Acne may occur when too much oil glands (sebum), dead skin cells, & hair become trapped in the treated hair follicle, forming a plug.  As dead skin cells begin to accumulate within the plug, the inside of the follicle expands, resulting in inflammation of the skin.  Acne is an umbrella term and can lead to whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts, & nodules.

Apply a cream containing "benzoyl peroxide" to acne.  It can be found over-the-counter at a pharmacy.  Benzoyl peroxide kills "P. acne bacteria."  It helps to reduce inflammation as well as the skin's oil production.  It also helps to clear dead skin cells from the follicles.  It doesn't work overnight and needs to be applied daily.  It may take weeks to see results.

PLEASE!!! Contact a dermatologist if acne persists, worsens, or if you can't help picking at it over and over again.  Improper treatment & picking of skin, over time, can lead to scarring & discoloration.  This has a major effect on self-esteem!!  

Plus, dermatologists can properly diagnose what kind of acne you have & prescribe treatments that are stronger than anything over-the-counter.  


Scabbing may occur & is expected from time to time. 

Think of a scab as Nature's band-aid. It's formed when red blood cells called platelets & fibrin, stick together like glue.  This protects blood & liquids from leaving the skin & acts as a protection against bacteria from entering the skin.

Scabbing happens when first starting Electrolysis treatments, when the hair is at its strongest (Anagen phase) & is most rooted into the hair follicle.  When the hair is tweezed after treatment, it damages the lining of tissue in the follicle.  It's not as scary as it sounds.  The skin is human's first natural defense & heals extremely fast.

Also, very rarely, a weird probe insertion may graze the side of the follicle or it may go past the hair follicle wall, piercing the wall.  No need to be scared!  After doing your daily cleansing routine, keep the area dry & let the skin heal by itself.  It may take days & up to a week.

PLEASE DON'T PICK THE SCAB!!!  Patience is virtue.  The scab will fall off on its own once fresh skin is formed to replace it.

If you do happen to pick the scab, it's understandable.  Keep the area dry and free from bacteria while it heals.


Bruising (aka contusion) may occur due to blood leaking out of tiny surface-level blood vessels after a hair is tweezed from the follicle.  Imagine a hair strand as a cork holding in the liquid (blood) of a bottle (hair follicle).  Then imagine removing the cork and turning the bottle over onto a paper towel (skin).  When a hair strand (that is rooted & connected directly to active blood supply) is removed, the blood leaks out & fills the tissue space within the epidermis of the skin. 

The discoloration will start out reddish purple & change colors throughout the skin's healing.  After a couple of days, hemoglobin (substance that carries oxygen through the body), changes the bruise to bluish/black.  After about a week, the bruise changes to a yellow/green color.  After about two weeks, it turns brown & then finally fades away.

There's really not much you can do about it except maybe applying ice to the area & waiting :/  


DON'T apply cosmetics, deodorants, or perfumes unless you have to.  This can clog the pores of the treated skin. 

If you aren't prone to breakouts & you have an important event to go to & want to wear makeup, applying cosmetics won't cause too much trouble. 

Just make sure that when you get home afterward, to gently wash the treated area with mild soap & clean water & then lightly pat dry.  Help soothe the area with a soothing astringent like witch hazel or a cooling aloe vera to protect against bacteria & inflammation. 


Try to avoid sunlight & activities that causes sweating for at least 1 day after treatment.  This will help prevent clogged pores, skin infections, & acne.  If you can't avoid sweating due to work or in general, don't beat yourself up.  Follow steps (2) and/or (3).

If the treated area is covered by clothes, be sure it's loose-fitting to allow your skin to breathe & heal faster.


RELAX :)  This is pretty obvious.  Stress, especially chronic stress, is related to a myriad of health problems.  When we're under stress, our immune system takes a beating, especially the skin.  Less stress = faster healing time!!!