"Snatching follicles since 2014"

"Snatching follicles since 2014"

How much Electrolysis Do I Need?

 Again, it depends on the individual.  I'll ONLY do as much Electrolysis as you need!  After 6 months you'll definitely see a SIGNIFICANT reduction in hair growth.  Hairs will grow slower and thinner until finally they no longer grow back.

Everyone's hair growth differs depending on their genetics (congenital), hormonal balance (systemic), hair nutrition (vascular), & how much they wax & tweeze (topical).

A person's age, ethnicity, health condition, skin sensitivity, & healing ability (circulatory) are other factors in how long you'll need treatment.

People who are 35 years old & older may start to grow brand new hairs due to hormonal reasons that aren't associated with previous hair removal treatment.  As we get age, brand new hairs grow in places we would never imagine!



Permanently removing hair will save you a lifetime of temporary methods like shaving, waxing, & tweezing. 

Tweezing, over time,  may cause thicker & darker hairs to regrow because this causes more blood flow to certain hairs of the body.

There's a common misconception that shaving makes hairs grow thicker and/or darker.  This is false.  Shaving DOES NOT cause hair to grow thicker or darker.  It may "appear" to look thicker/darker when stubble regrows & peaks through the skin.  It's still a nuisance to have to shave every day.

Electrolysis is a gradual process & takes patience & consistency on your part.  It can be as few as  5 - 6 treatments for someone with "trouble-spots" or up to 2 years (for thick, stubborn, dense hair) to have all hairs permanently removed from the face & body.  The end results is smooth hassle-free skin!

Does Electrolysis hurt?

On a pain scale of 1 - 10,  I would probably give it a 2 - 4 on the most part & then 4 - 7 in the really sensitive areas where there's more moisture (eg. above the lip).

Less sensitive areas would be the chin, legs, arms, chest, & back.  People in their teens, 20's, & 30's will have more sensitive skin than people in their 40's, 50's & above due to more moisture in younger skin.

If you've ever had a tattoo, then Electrolysis is a walk in the park. :P

A couple of other factors that can affect the treatment:  More humidity = More pain; If you're stressed out; If you're tired; If you're hungry, if you're in a bad mood.

Where on my FACE & body can & can't I have Electrolysis done?



You can have Electrolysis practically anywhere on your body where there's hair, EXCEPT:

I DON'T treat the inner nostril, inner ear canal, or from moles, due to safety reasons for the client.  

Blood supply to these areas are too dense.  Removing hair from these regions may cause an excess amount of bleeding. If a mole becomes too irritated, it has the potential to become cancerous.  See a dermatologist to have the mole removed or cut the unwanted hairs at the surface level of the mole with clean scissors.

I'm conservative when removing hair from the eyebrows, the sideburns, & the hairline.  I will only go up to a certain point.  Remember, people are always changing their minds about these regions.

How do I care for my skin after an Electrolysis treatment?

(See the "AFTERCARE" page)

Is Electrolysis really permanent?


YES!  Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanently removing hair.  It's a gradual process but it's permanent.  Laser only permanently thins out the hair.  Some people have experienced more growth down the road with Laser hair removal.  Again, everyone's different.

Am I too young or too old to get Electrolysis from you?

You are never too young or too old for electrolysis as long as long as you have no significant health conditions. 

Who would not be a good candidate for Electrolysis?

If you 1) have hemophilia, 2) are diabetic, 3) have a heart condition, 4) have a pace-maker, 5) super high blood pressure, 6) are on blood-thinning medication, or 7) are pregnant, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I recommend you see your PCP (primary care provider) before starting Electrolysis treatment with anyone!  Compromising your life & health is not worth any amount of hair removal in this world!  Period.

Electrolysis VS. Laser Hair Removal



is a method of permanently removing hair from the face &/or bodY by sending An electric current down the follicle of a hair strand, destroying the papilla (the area that causes hair growth).


There are 3 different methods: Thermolysis, Galvanic, & Blend.  

Thermolysis sends an electric current into the hair follicle down to the bulb of the hair where the papilla is destroyed.  

Galvanic works by chemically creating lye (a corrosive chemical) from the water & salt content in a person's hair follicle to destroy the papilla, which is the living organ that is responsible for hair growth. 

Blend is a combo of Thermolysis & Galvanic which creates lye faster with the help of an electric current to destroy the papilla.  

I DO THERMOLYSIS because it's the SAFEST & LEAST PAINFUL method of hair removal. There has been no official study showing that Galvanic or Blend work any better. However, I do Blend when necessary. For example, distorted follicles, corkscrew-shaped hairs, etc. Galvanic is an outdated method.

1 hair takes 2 to 3 months to grow (anagen phase) , shed (catagen phase) , & then regrow (telogen phase). 

About 1/3 of body hair is showing at a given time & about 2/3 of the hair is below the skin.  

70% of facial hair & about 30% of body hair are grown out at a given time.

By the end of 6 months, each follicle has been treated at least twice.

Laser Hair Removal

works by emitting pulses of light directed at the hair follicles.  This causes a destruction to the root, resulting in lessening hair growth.  The good thing about this technique is that it's quick & efficient.  If not done properly, it can lead to splotchy skin, burns, & hyper-pigmentation. 


Laser hair removal DOESN'T permanently remove hair.  It significantly thins it out.  Clients have reported having laser done over a period of months & having all the hairs grow back over time, causing frustration, money, & wasted time.

This method isn't right for all hair types, especially individuals with light blonde hairs.  It's not as effective on darker skin, either.  Laser works the best on people with light skin and dark hairs.

 If you have A LOT of hair concentrated in one area & are fair-skinned with dark hair, I would totally suggest you first seek treatment with a trusted Laser hair removal specialist once a month for 6 months.  Once the hair is thinned out, I recommend you finish with Electrolysis.

With Laser hair removal, oftentimes clients must pay a large lump-sum upfront before starting treatment.  Depending on the experience of the technician, there is potential for scarring or discoloration with Laser.  This can be avoided with Electrolysis.

My question wasn't answered?!!!  :O:/:(

If you have any questions that were not answered on the FAQs page, please go to the CONTACT page & I'll be happy to answer them as best as I can.  Thanks for your time!