"Snatching follicles since 2014"

"Snatching follicles since 2014"




- Eye Brows

- Side Burns

- Upper/Lower Lip

- Chin

- Neck

- Under Arms

- Nipples

- Belly

- Vagina (additional 10% cost)

- Legs

- Hands/Feet

*PolyCystic Ovarian/ovary SyndromE

PCOS is an imbalance of reproductive hormones which can cause an excess of androgens (male hormones) in the body.


Women who have excessive hair growth on the chin, upper lip, chest, & other parts of the body (hirsutism), including acne, & possibly thinning scalp hair, may later find out they have PCOS.

Other signs/symptoms of PCOS are: irregular periods, weight gain, skin tags, darkening of the skin, & multiple cysts on one or both ovaries.

If you have combinations of any of these symptoms, maybe it's not a bad idea to check-in with your medical care provider.

*ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: Having excessive face & body hair growth DOES NOT mean you have PCOS!!! 

I post this for educational purposes for women who are unaware of what PCOS is.

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